Frank Caliendo on NFL Live plays pop a shot and makes an unbelievable no look throw. MUST SEE!! #NFL #FrankCaliendo #PopaShot #NFLLIVE

"A million dollars!? Thanks, Bart, I owe you one." from ‘Bart the Fink’. Season 7, Episode 15.

🎶🎶 I Didn’t Do It 🎶🎶 from ‘Bart Gets Famous’. Season 5, Episode 12.

"Homer! For the love of God, No!" from ‘Two Dozen and One Greyhounds’. Season 6, Episode 20.

"Margarita, I want you." from ‘Homer Defined’. Season 3, Episode 5.

"We can’t just stand here staring at our hands…" from ‘Weekend at Burnsies’ Season 13, Episode 16.

"Bartholomew you don’t need him, I can be your schoolyard chum." from ‘Burns’ Heir’. Season 5, Episode 18.

"You took a picture of me when I was asleep?" from ‘Take My Wife, Sleaze’. Season 11, Episode 8.

"It’s illegal to operate that class-9 vehicle with pads and a helmet." from ‘The Springfield Connection’. Season 6, Episode 23.

"My name is Barney and I’m an alcoholic." from ‘A Star is Burns’. Season 6, Episode 18.

Mia vs. Marvel - Guardians of the Galaxy Edition

Gordon Bombay ESPN 30 for 30 Trailer

Artists vs TMNT. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3 Finale.

Seinfeld saying Newman!

"Franklin, you are no longer the girliest cadet here." from ‘The Secret War of Lisa Simpson’. Season 8, Episode 25.