The Criterion Collection in 2.5 Minutes (or Dance of the Criterion Collection) - This video is a series of over 600 clips from over 600 different films from The Criterion Collection library as of September 1st, 2012. There are no repeats, each film is represented by one clip each, in numerical order by Spine number. It begins with Jean Renoir’s “Grand Illusion” (spine #1) and ends (technically), with the currently announced release of Michael Cimino’s “Heaven’s Gate” (spine #636). I have not included any of the Janus Art House or Eclipse series, just the straight up Criterions. The last shot is from one of the most famous films ever made, and is an Essential Art House release, but needed to be in the montage…so this is 637 different films in under 2 1/2 minutes. One minor issue is the placements of the films “Downhill Racer” (spine #494), “Secret of the Grain” (spine #527) and “Underworld” of the Josef Von Sternberg trilogy (spine #529). The clips were lost and I was too pleased with the layout of the clips to return them to there chronological order, so they appear after “A Hollis Frampton Odyssey” (spine #607). I did not want to change any of the aspect ratios, so the video should be presented in a 4:3 ratio. This is to honor the diligent efforts of the Criterion Collection, who have devoted decades to restoring, preserving and exposing some of the greatest cinema the world has to offer. If you’re not familiar with them, I urge you to check them out and take a look at 637 of the most incredible images cinema has ever displayed, courtesy of The Collection. To follow the ordinance of the films, you can see the complete list of films at “Music For A Found Harmonium” performed by Patrick Street. Enjoy….